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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Finally that "Passion" movie is out so we can hear the opinion of someone who actually saw the darn thing.
And a late welcome to Ralph Nader. I think that the more people who run, the better. Force them (dem and republicans) to stay on their toes. We should have no less than 4 candidates. And no I do not believe Ralph lost the election for Gore. It should have never come down to one state.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

What's the biggest clue that the husband (AKA The Cook in the Family) is away? When you drive by McDonald's and your almost 2 year old son points to the golden arches and says, "Eat, eat." Geez.
At least the boy has his appetite back. He was a sick little pup last week. He looked so pathetic. He is going to be a typical male (I hate to use that term, but...), he wants to be pampered and waited on when he's sick. Normally he wouldn't think of letting anyone feed him, he got sick and acted like he had never seen a fork before. The little stinker. And I had been trying to get him to use 2 or more words together like "more juice" and he finally did. Guess what they were? "Hold me." Thank goodness he's better.