For further information, consult God. --Ashleigh Brilliant

Thursday, September 28, 2006

My last post was so depressing. I was more upset reading the thing than living through it all. I wish I had good news to liven things up, but no such luck. Things are pretty much the same. My prayers have changed from getting my husband back to him getting his sanity and sobriety back. Until that happens there is no hope for us. There is no hope for his relationship with the other woman. She is no threat to me. At times I'm so angry at him that I feel he deserves it, but I hope that he comes to his senses and sees her for the lying, conniving ho she is before he gets hurt too bad, but in the meantime I am working on me and my kids. There are things I need to do to get myself together. I need to get more organized. Having 4 kids is no joke and when things are unorganized it gets out of control very quickly, so I'm working on that, I'm working on being more patient and loving with my kids. With everything going on in my life and how busy I've been lately my patience has been non-existent so I've been snapping and yelling and "going off", I want to calm that down. The best way to get someone back is to take care of you, and even if they don't come back, you know that you will still be okay.