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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I did not watch the president's speech tonight, nor have I read the million page health care plan, so I admitting my ignorance now. I just wonder how we can be in the only "civilized" nation that doesn't offer its citizens health care. If all these other countries can figure out how to have a national health care plan, why can't we? Sure it will cost money, but isn't it costing us now? Uninsured people are still getting treatment. In fact, they are probably waiting until their situation becomes urgent and go to the emergency room where we (taxpayers) end up picking up the cost anyways, right? And an ER visit costs more than a routine doctor visit I would imagine. And what about the people who work yet can't afford to buy private insurance because they work for a small company that isn't required to offer health insurance? Or people that work at Wal-Mart, who makes sure their employees are off the clock before they hit that full-time status so they don't have to offer their part-time employees insurance? Or people like my sister who feel trapped in a job she hates but can't leave because being a cancer survivor don't want to risk being without health insurance? So many needing it and the smartest, richest country on earth can't find a way?
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God calls us to get in the game, not keep score.