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Friday, April 14, 2006

More random musings...

I am Tired (with a capital T). I want to smack the next person who tells me I should sleep when the baby does. That's hard to do when you're at work, or have 3 other kids. Nevermind the fact that when they are sleeping is the only time I can get any real cleaning done.

I finally got my youngest boys into a new day care. I had to move them because their teachers obviously hated their jobs. I'm no job coach, but a bit of advice: You can't hate your job and work with children since your job performance is directly related to your feelings about your situation. They didn't abuse my child, but it would have been nice to be acknowledged when I dropped my baby off, or to once actually see you holding or playing with a child, and I know I'm being picky, but how about burping the babies after you feed them? Just a thought.

I haven't been able to get any real reading done. Too tired and busy to get into anything, so I resorted to an old favorite. I highly recommend The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran. It's a fast read, and a classic full of a lot of wisdom.

Why do women have affairs with married men and then want to act surprised when he cheats on them and turns out to be an idiot? Was the fact that he would cheat on his wife not your first clue? You don't want to take pleasure in other people's pain, but, "Ha, ha. That's what you get."

Did you see the video of that school bus driver in TN who was drunk while she was driving the kids home? Don't you wish they would have kept the video running until at least one of the parents showed up to beat her you-know-what? If that was my child, it would have been on.

I saw my ex-fiance a couple of weeks ago for the first time in over 4 years. He looked bad, and I looked good. I could see it in his face, he knew it too. Sometimes life can be so sweet.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Today was my little guys birthday. 4 years old already. Wow! I am so proud of him. The situation surrounding his birth was not the best, but he is. It's appropriate that we celebrate the day of his birth in spring, because he represents new life for me. He was my new beginning. I've said it before and I'll say it until the day I die, my kids are living proof that God grants sinners grace. I don't deserve perfection, but that's exactly what I got.