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Friday, October 26, 2007

Didn't realize it had been that long. I've been a busy momma. The Poet joined the family on July 28th. She weighed in at 8 pounds and she's a cutie. If ever I needed proof that God is still granting grace to sinners, she is it. Why do I deserve 5 perfect children? I'm not questioning, just thanking God for my little blessings.
So an undate on the fam:
Lady Day is now in the 5th grade and doing well. I just talked to her teacher yesterday (I'm one of those parents who are always in the teacher's face) and she had nothing but good to say about my girl. She's a sassy little thing at home, but an angel at school. And so into those ugly Bratz dolls. Does anyone else hate those dolls as much as me?
Bubba started kindergarten this year--hurray! He's doing good, but that's what I expected. He is a very bright kid who loves math. Remember when kindergarten was all about coloring and taking naps? Not anymore, 2 months into the school year not only are they writing, but they are making graphs, solving word problems, etc.
AJ is 3 and has decided to wear clothes again-thank goodness. He went through a period where he hated to wear clothes, so much so that if we were out and about too long, he would begin to strip wherever we happened to be. He is all boy while still adoring his big sister.
Bear will be 2 in December and is something else. He's not jealous of the baby, but don't let AJ try to sit on my lap. He will have a fit, yet let AJ make a move and he's quick to mimic him--go figure. Kids are unpredictable.
My husband and I are definitely separated. For awhile there was possiblity, but not anymore. I'm okay with it all, but sad. We both have this incredible ability to love and when it was directed towards each other it was amazing, but unfortunately addiction is sometimes more powerful than anything. He is now with a woman who allows him to swim in his addiction, so he doesn't want to come back and I wouldn't want him if he did. I feel good about that decision, the kids feel good about that decision. We all love him, but understand that our house is happier and more peaceful now that he's gone. Bubba even stopped biting his nails. Imagine a 4 year old developing a nervous habit. Lady Day is still sassy, but more respectful if that makes sense. We are good. It hurt, but if I hadn't asked my husband to leave when I did, I would have lost alot more than a husband. He has alienated his mother, grandmother, father, sister and countless others. He is alienating friends of his new lady friend. Addiction is so much more powerful than you can ever imagine. I see it first-hand and still am amazed. But I am good and away from the pain he caused. I have an amazing love and lots of prayers for him. He will get himself together for his mothers sake.
The kids have gotten a good cleaning system down. I have been trying different systems and nothing worked or stuck, but I think we have one now. I won't jinx it, but maybe one day I'll share.
I'm still working on that cooking thing. I've been cooking since I was about 9, so I know how to cook, I just hate to cook. I will wash dishes for a week in exchange for 1 meal. So I'm searching for quick, easy meals that require few ingredients. We need a larger variety. We're sick of sloppy joes, tacos, chicken (so many ways with chicken!) and frozen pizzas. I've been broke, so I have been cooking more, but I want to get up to cooking 4-5 nights a week, pizza (frozen and delivered) no more than twice and eating out once.
I don't have internet at home and with 5 kiddos, even if I get on-line at the library, I rarely have time to sit and type anything, but drop me a line. I can read a comment or two before I have to chase someone down. And I do lurk on your blogs as often as I can. No worries, I'll be around. Be good.