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Friday, December 09, 2005

Thanksgiving was nice. We spent it exactly as we planned and no one died. Imagine that. I did break down and straighten up my desk a little, but no harm came of it.
Now we are in the midst of crazy Christmas plans. Makes me appreciate not doing anything for Thanksgiving even more. I am going to sit down with my daughter and make book marks tonight. I try to include something in our Christmas/Kwanzaa cards and this year it's handmade bookmarks. The key to accomplishing that is to only send cards to people you truly like. If I don't care enough to talk to you 364 other days of the year, I don't bother sending a card. It's meaningless and we all know it, so why pretend? I am also going to plan the menu. We have certain things every year-ham, sweet potatoes, green beans, deviled eggs, then every year we try something different. I get to think of the "something different". Any ideas would be welcomed.
And I'm always thinking of what to get for gifts. Especially with my husband and I separating, money is very tight, so I'm kicked into frugal mode. But you know, those have produced the most remembered gifts over the years. Any gift ideas would be welcome too.