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Friday, July 24, 2009

Geez, my daughter has a crush on Prince Michael Jackson. And she can't just say his name, she has to do "jazz hands" while saying Prince. Give. Me. A. Break. Please.

It's a little after 2pm and I just realized that my wrist doesn't hurt. The ER doc said I didn't break it, but it has hurt for nearly 2 months. That's more than a sprang, y'all. Doctors don't know everything, and tests, including x-rays, don't always show all. I broke my ankle before and they didn't believe me, until the 4th x-ray revealed a hairline fracture. The outcome would have been the same (a removable brace) so I didn't argue with this one. I'm just happy it's better.

My stalker was released from jail recently, so pray for me.

My dear friend is thinking of moving to Ohio. She will stay with me of course and I would love it. I miss her and our late night conversations. Except this time we won't be pregnant together 'cause I ain't having no more babies.

This morning while getting dressed I asked Lady Day how I looked. Her response is why I'm counting down to her 18th birthday when I can kick her out with no legal consequences: "Yeah, except your stomach is fat."

I heard a commercial with this song and it brought back alot of memories. They didn't get alot of air play, but I wore the CD out. Digable Planets "be to rap, like key be to lock."

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Thursday, July 02, 2009

I'm at work and our first protesters have arrived. Pro-lifers are opposing our companies stance on abortion. Except our company is a group for educator's and teacher's in our public school system, we don't have a political stance on the abortion issue. Maybe their time would be better served somewhere else.

As a representative of my company I have no opinion, but personally I always have something to say. First of all, in addition to the people with the signs, they also have a truck driving around with messages on the side and one side says "Tolerance is not always moral" with a picture of a slave in shackles and another of a Black man hanging from a tree. As an African-American I'm offended by that image. Years ago a cousin tried to do our family tree, but ran into a dead end because slaves were rarely named as humans, simply listed as property. Maybe I'm being too sensitive, but as someone who's family tree was cut off at the roots, I don't want you using the history of slavery in America to promote your cause. Period.
As a mother I'm offended by the graphic pictures they use. They creep me out, my preschoolers are freaked by them. I get the whole shock value thing, but I don't need you trying to shock my babies while we're driving down the street. I can have a moral discussion with my child without graphic images thankyouverymuch.
How can a pro-lifer take a life? Stopping (killing!)an abortion doctor saves thousands of unborn babies, but death is death. Is there an age limit on who you can kill? You can't kill an 8 week old fetus, but a 60 year old man is fair game? Whether you agree with something someone is doing or not, only God can take a life. You can't just be pro-unborn fetus life, you must be pro-life, period.
Along the same vein, many pro-lifers are also in favor of the death penalty. How do they justify that?
And is there really anyone who is anti-life?
John Kerry really got razed because of his opinion on abortion, but that was one time I can honestly say I completely agree with a politician. The world would be a much more pleasant place to live if you all agreed with me. Understand that I've got all the answers. I got it right, but I do respect the few of you that are holding out and not coming around to my way of thinking. I will always vote for your right to disagree with me and my beliefs, even if you're wrong. How I feel about abortion morally my not agree with what you feel, but isn't it lovely to live in a country that allows us to feel what we feel?
I will never participate in a pro-life rally. Teaching a class pre-pregnancy? Knitting and crocheting blankets for women who struggled then decided not to have an abortion? Fundraiser for single parents? Counseling services for rape and abuse victims? I'll be there every time.