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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I am so not politically correct. I don't apologize for that either. I say retarded, blind, deaf, mute, crippled, whatever the case may be. I don't find it offensive at all. Why do we have to make up all these new terms to identify something that already has a name, especially when the new name is a lot less clear. My friend is mentally challenged, is she retarded, crazy or just a little off? I am visually impaired because I wear glasses, but I'm not blind, I can still half see, at least. Maybe it's the attitude of the speaker that needs to change, not the verbage used.I was raised to say such words as retarded (yes, I personally know someone who is retarded, so don't say I would feel differently if I knew someone), blind (once again, I know someone, in fact, I'm related to someone who is), fat (this covers several people in my family), etc. I was also taught to treat all people with dignity and respect. Period.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Office comes on tonight. I have really gotten away from watching TV lately, but make me miss The Office on Thursday nights and we got problems. Y'all should watch it tonight,

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

More random thoughts...

I finally got a crockpot! I have been wanting one for the longest time and my daughter's aunt gave me one over the week-end. I love it.

We recently reconnected with my daughter's paternal family. We had to cut them off a few years back. Already they are pushing too hard. No, she cannot spend the night. I still don't completely trust you folks.

My baby is almost 5 months old. Don't you just love how their looks change every day? Today he looks like me, yesterday he looked like my daughter, last week he was identical to his brother. Always changing. Always beautiful.

How is it that you let yourself go so bad that you smell like a combination of cow manure and rotten eggs? It's especially bad when going home I get on the same bus, same driver and your same disgusting smell, yet you're long gone.

How did Ken Blackwell get a step closer to the governor's race in Ohio? He. must. be. stopped.

Does love really conquer all?

Why did my daughter literally cry sick this morning, only to be bouncing around like a jack rabbit now?